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Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association Is Your Source For The Motor Vehicle Dealer Board’s Mandated Recertification!  
The Independent Dealer-Operator Recertification is a new continuing education program required by the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board effective January 1, 2011. The new regulations require Independent Dealer-Operators to recertify every (3) three years. When you recertify with VIADA Online, the course takes approximately six hours to complete and is broken into information packed chapters!

There are no grandfather exceptions to recertify as an Independent Dealer-Operator. A Dealer-Operator’s recertification schedule is based on the month and year in which you were originally certified as a Dealer-Operator. If you do not recall your certification date, there is no need to be concerned. The Motor Vehicle Dealer Board has this information on file and you will receive the recertification notice along with continuing education material well in advance of your recertification deadline date. This ensures the Independent Dealer-Operator has ample time to schedule the course or opt-out examination without disrupting business activities. This recertification notice and course material will be mailed to the Dealer-Operator’s home address currently on file at the Board.
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